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This website was created by WW2 historian Mark Bando, who is solely responsible for its contents. Most of the photos and artifacts shown are from his personal collection and the layout and writing are his unless otherwise noted.

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Nov.1, 2011

There is a new Then & Now, and new Lest we Forget, See also the November-December Eagle Talk.

August, 2000

This website was created and published on the internet.

"The WW2 101st Airborne produced many officers whose names will long be remembered: Generals Maxwell Taylor, Tony McAuliffe, West Point-trained tacticians like LTC Ewell and Kinnard, who have risen to the top echelons of the military. But you will not find one among them that knew or was expected to know the art of killing, perfecting it to the degree achieved by some of the enlisted men. The best and toughest of the paratroopers were cold, fearless killers, who went to great extremes to kill the enemy. Around this hard core of fearless killers, was built the greatest military machine of any war, the 101st Airborne."-

Pfc Melton 'Tex'McMorries' Company 'G' 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment

This site is dedicated to the hard core.

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was created by Chris, son of Mark Bando

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